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Messenger offers access to a consortium of Australian and international creative agencies that are highly-qualified, pre-vetted and ready to go.

The world is full of companies that offer you everything from website development, to eCommerce to SEO to social. And some, if not most, are good. However, with all the choices and little differentiation comes confusion, which  leads to you not getting  the right firm for best price or the desired outcome. This – coupled with the lack of time, resources and expertise for most firms to dedicate to running their web project properly – is why Messenger has devised a proven way that removes the guess work.

The key to our success is clear scoping and volume purchasing, which enables us to get better rates for our clients than they could on their own. We look for bundling options and repeatable processes and use a reverse auction approach to find the best result across our register of professional agencies.

Importantly, Messenger does not charge its customers any brokering fees as we are paid for scoping and project management. Our brokering services gives us the extra assurance we want for the projects we manage, and supports our guiding principle to help other small, talented firms stay in business by finding great clients and work for them to demonstrate their talents.

We saved a eRetailer over $6,000 in eStore development costs, which they reinvested into driving more leads and sales. Now, that makes more sense.

Going for Broker

Early on we recognised our clients simply don’t have the time, energy or experience in procuring these types of services… and who could blame them. Because we have come from both the requester and doing sides, we know what skills, culture and approach make a good creative partner.

So, we have set out to form out own panel of experts which is growing daily, so you don’t have to. The net benefits for you are:

  • We fill in the knowledge gaps when it comes to securing the right price for your project
  • Our members are pre-vetted and selected for skills, capacity and attitude
  • We source a high volume of projects which gives us leverage and group discounts
  • More opportunities for your project to be worked on by a high-calibre agency
  • We trust them.

However, if you want to find and use your own supplier we are on hand each step of the way to make sure everything goes to plan. If you want to use any number of online marketplaces, we can help you make a well informed decision. After all, we want a great result for you.

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