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There’s no doubt that the clearer you are about what you want, the easier it is to get it. And where most will look at the specifics of the project – which are indeed important – we start from a more holistic view point and introduce learnings, examples and experience from a broad spectrum of digital business, resulting in better planning and execution.

Our role is to make sure that you are a knowledgeable buyer and you get the end product you need to meet the outcome you want.

Though this might sound a little fluffy, lets be clear – the core to our business is to provide the plans to the builder of your new, dream web home. We specify where to place each nail and in some cases which nail to use. While this might seem over-engineering for small projects, the devil in detail will ultimately be the saviour for all parties. Just ask anyone who has built a commercial site from scratch.

We’ve got you covered

As digital professionals with more than 20 years experience, we cover the full spectrum of online services, technology and channels. Irrespective if you are first timer or web-magnate, we can provide coverage for any web project including;

List of Services

Let’s get clear(er)

Depending on the size and complexity of your project, need and team, we offer a number of ways to clarify your requirements.

Lets have chat over coffee

Casual Chat

We often find that a simple conversation is all that’s needed to get the basics sorted. Whether over the phone or in person, we appreciate your time is valuable so make a purpose not to waste it.

Lasting around 30 minutes, our preliminary scoping follows a proven way to get to the crux of your requirements, and provides an easy means to show and demonstrate what may be also possible. If you want to book a conversation, check here for availability.

We hold discovery workshops


When things are bit larger or have more people involved, we recommend taking one of our high-impact workshops. Running from a few hours to a few days (as required), we help  gain deeper clarity and agreement of deliverables, risks and action steps.

As an output, we will develop and distribute a comprehensive findings report for group agreement and reference.

We do research


When situations require new ideas or deeper insight, we can undertake detailed research and testing on your behalf.

This can be within your business, with your users and staff or critical market analysis and competitor benchmarking or all of these. The outcome will provide new ways of looking at your online venture.

Our requirements for a new entertainment APP were so detailed, it enabled our client to get funding without having to even build a prototype.

Certainty in your hands

Working iteratively, the outcome of our scoping session(s) is a fully documented scope of requirements, which you can use to direct your own development team or supplier or have Messenger start to find the best price on your behalf.

We can remain on hand to make sure that all parties are fully aware of the deliverables, roles and expectations. And, where required, we mediate any questions or concerns so that they don’t turn into issues down the track.

Example of a scope of requirements document

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